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Public Transport Safety

The Western Australia Public Transport Authority facilitates 150 million passenger journeys every year and passenger safety, and security is a top priority.

With over 400 specially trained transit officers and a 24/7 monitoring centre overseeing security camera feeds for bus and train stations and also within buses, trains and ferries, the next step was to provide transit officers with body worn cameras enabling them to initiate monitoring of an incident to ensure the safety of passengers and officers anywhere in the transport network.

The Solution

We worked with the Public Transit Authority to complete a pilot program with 65 VS-X body worn cameras issued to transit officers across the bus network. The solution also consists of multiple camera docking stations installed at various locations across the bus network, all connected via a centralised network storage system.

Following a successful pilot program, stage two involves the issue of up to 300 VS-X body worn cameras to transit officers across the train network to ensure the safety and security of passengers across the entire public transport network.

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