About Comvision

Comvision is the difference in security. We’re a small but mighty team of change-makers who are leading the way in bespoke security solutions and custom integrations.

We're responsible for protecting multi-national companies and national landmarks

What does the ANSTO nuclear reactor, a BP oil terminal in Azerbaijan and the most iconic building in the entire nation, the Sydney Opera house, have in common?

Don’t worry, it’s not a riddle. The common denominator among all of these is that at one point in time, the security and protection of these icons have been entrusted to the team at Comvision.

We're on the cutting edge of security technology, with a reputation for excellent customer service, expertise and a track record of bringing global best practice security solutions to our customers for over 30 years now.

The story of Comvision is a story of integrity & great drive

It’s a story nested in being able to spot opportunities and develop them into powerful solutions. From the days before anyone even knew what CCTV stood for, to becoming the market leader in our field, it is in no way by chance that the word vision is baked into the brand name and the DNA of our team.

Our vision is a world in which the things you value most are protected and kept safe

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We’re only as successful as the partnerships we make. Predominantly, Comvision sells our products through our reseller network, rather than selling to end users. Become part of our network.

The Values Comvision Lives By


Quality in products, in service, and in the recommendations we make.


Rely on us, our team, and the security solutions we provide you with.


The tenacity to make it happen. If you want to see it, we’ll make it happen.


Service matters. We deliver the best customer service and commitment to you.


Positive relationships are built on trust. We trust you know your business or premises best. You can trust us, too.

We've developed a mission to support our vision

So our mission? To embrace technology, push the boundaries and lead the world in innovative, integrated solutions that keep you protected.

Creating bespoke solutions in every corner of Australia & beyond.

We predominantly work with companies in Australia and the Asia Pacific. Are you a little further away? We can help (or recommend someone who can). Get in touch with our team.

Safeguard what you need to protect

Comvision gives you peace of mind.

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