Appvision PSIM Software

AppVision PSIM Software

Comvision specialises in the distribution, design, development, and high-level support of advanced security PSIM software solutions. Our specialist team enables our Reseller Partners to provide customisation, integration, and development to their customers without the need to have an in-house software development team or PSIM specialists.

The AppVision PSIM software is a powerful integration solution installed in over 3000 sites worldwide. It drives efficiency into security control rooms by taking multiple connected security systems and controlling them through one comprehensive user interface.

Producing industry-leading, innovative solutions is our primary focus to enable our Value Added Reseller Partners and their customers to have the freedom to embrace innovation and technology without constraints. 

Take Control of Your Physical Assets using PSIM Software

The security landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade with the introduction of numerous new security technologies and the ever-increasing operational risks that organisations need to navigate. With a long list of new tools, professionals have the daunting task to process vast amounts of information from many different security systems within seconds, and then make important decisions about how to respond to an incident.

The AppVision PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software integrates all your Physical Assets and devices to provide one comprehensive user interface to empower personnel to identify and proactively resolve situations.

Custom Interface & Architecture

Custom Interface & Architecture

You'll get to choose from a range of ready-to-go architectures to suit you. Of course, these can be further customised to perfectly meet the needs of your client. The interface will be adapted to suit the application too — designed to match the operator's needs.

Intuitive Alerts

Intuitive Alerts

Enjoy intuitive and efficient alarm management. Operators navigate alerts using instructions or procedures specified via workflows.

Universal Interactions

Universal Interactions

Roll your different security brands and equipment into one with AppVision. Create interactions between sources and customise alerts.

Vision via Maps

Vision via Maps

Create maps across various formats for a comprehensive view of your site, property, or secure environment.

Video Control

Video Control

Take footage from a range of sources, then use AppVision to collect, view, and control footage from one management system.

Access Control

Access Control

Using AppControl you can integrate multiple access control systems into one interface. Streamline how you manage access profiles, badges, time slots and more.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

AppMaintenance monitors your connected systems. You'll receive alerts for periodic maintenance, part replacements, error reports, and more.

Audio Management

Audio Management

Manage intercoms and audio systems in one interface. Record and encrypt conversations and simplify how you manage audio recordings.

Total Situational Awareness

The AppVision PSIM Software has the ability to identify unfolding events, manage them effectively, and mitigate their risk. For commercial, critical infrastructure, and homeland security markets, the AppVision PSIM software provides situation management and establishes a foundation for operations.

Risk Management

Think of the AppVision PSIM software as a “risk-management investment”! It manages all the data produced by the various security applications and aggregates them to produce meaningful intelligence. This, in turn, is converted to create graphical situation management content; combining relevant visual intelligence, workflow based on on-screen guidance and automated tasks.
It ensures the initial response is the correct one!

Improved Situation Response Times

AppVision’s comprehensive user interface presents all information in one place. Its workflow engine will dynamically guide users through automated responses while its centralised database presents real-time dashboards and reports to your organisations stakeholders.

No Vendor Lock-ins

A key benefit of the AppVision PSIM software lies in its integration capabilities, being able to connect with existing and planned systems without being “locked-in” to any specific technology. With more than 200 existing interface drivers and standard protocols supporting all major security manufacturers, end-users can select the best technology to suit their requirements without constraints.

Focus Attention Where It Needs to Be

By using AppVision’s Dynamic workflows, the operator knows what is happening, where it is happening, and what needs to be done. Step-by-step action plans are used to address different situations. This is vital in both making the operator’s job easier, but also in ensuring corporate safety and security policies are followed every time.
Dynamic workflows can change based on the time of the day, the threat level, and the number and types of alarms in the system. 


Real-time Stakeholder Information

The AppVision PSIM software platform is unlike any other security investment in that it reaches across all stakeholders within the enterprise. Its comprehensive database coupled with its reporting, dashboard and graphical capabilities provides real-time data to all stakeholders.

Why partner with Comvision for your PSIM solution?

You deal directly with your PSIM Software specialist

You’ll be partnered with an Australian specialist team from the beginning of your project. Our specialist team will manage your project and complete the integrations. It means you’ll receive updates and be able to have your questions answered locally in Australia.

Integrating PSIM Software solutions since 1999

If you look around at the landmark installations in Australia and around the globe, many of them are protected by a custom PSIM integration created by yours truly. We’ve been specialists in building PSIM software solutions since 1999.

The simplified interface design you need

By combining Prysm’s already-robust features with our team’s design and integration expertise, we create simple-to-follow and understand security interfaces. These streamline how your team works and responds to incidents.

We'll meet you where you are

Whether you’re local to Australia, the South Pacific, or a little further away in the world — we can’t wait to work with you. Better yet, we’ll come to you.

Local support available, always

With a full team of PSIM software specialists here in our team, you’ll always have access to local support. It means you’ll speak to someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the technology you’re using and can walk you through troubleshooting.

We create bespoke PSIM Software solutions.
See what we mean

Creating bespoke Software solutions in every corner of Australia & beyond.

We predominantly work with companies in Australia and the Asia Pacific. Are you a little further away? We can help (or recommend someone who can). Get in touch with our team.

We make PSIM simple.

AppVision is the ultimate PSIM partner for integrating command and control applications. Comvision is the ultimate partner for making AppVision perfectly yours.

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