The AppControl™ extension increases the possibilities of access control supervision offered by AppVision™ by allowing a complete management of rights: profiles, users, time slots. It is a true access control management software that allows to federate, control and/or command several heterogeneous access control systems. AppControl™ is a standalone extension.

AppControl™ is a multi-brand, multi-user, multi-site access control management software solution, perfect for a range of applications. This solution allows access control systems from a variety of different brands to be federated and controlled from within a single interface. 

The software increases infrastructure security levels significantly, giving businesses and individuals a higher peace of mind regarding their security. With the high integration capability, AppControl™ secures access to critical areas with all of the access control devices designed to be best suited for your facility or business. 


  • Centralised access management,
  • Creation of access profiles and time slots,
  • Complete rights management: creation of users and badges,
  • Visitor management,
  • People organisation by category (permanent, temporary, etc.), and by department,
  • Access organisation by access profiles,
  • Restricted access by schedules,
  • Trombinoscope with shooting form,
  • Personalisation and printing of badges,
  • Badge enrolment,
  • Management of zones with the notion of entry-exit,
  • Attendance list,
  • People counting, time counting,
  • Anti-passback,
  • Web server (accessible by web client),
  • Import / export tools to external applications.

Tech specs

Technical management of the access point: Door status: open/closed/alarmed/..., Controller mode: pass/controlled/locked
Graphic representation of the system status in a personalised synoptic form
Taking into account badge events in AppVision’s scripts
Unit or global, automatic or manual downloading of access controllers
Control of the dialogue with the equipment
Automatic transfer of access changes to the controllers
Real-time feedback of badge information or delayed time if disconnected
Independence of the application in relation to identification technologies: proximity, badge, magnetic card, smart card, biometrics, plate recognition
Data import-export tools for manual or automatic synchronisation
Open database: SQL
Multi-Client configuration

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