DEMS Live Software

Visiotech’s DEMS Live CMS Software creates real time situation awareness by delivering live tracking of body cameras on the GIS mapping screen.

Live streaming of video and audio can be activated from the command centre or from the body cameras duress alarm feature. Command centre staff are able to effectively coordinate security staff and emergency services by deploying the required help based on staff location and the current operational environment.


  • Track and locate body camera locations on GIS map in real-time
  • Stream live video and audio from body cameras
  • Produce detailed tracking reports of body cameras to reveal individual routes, timing in locations and speed
  • Monitor and control alarm events from body cameras in real-time
  • Take snapshot pictures and record incidents as they occur
  • Produce statistical reports
  • Download and playback incident video from body cameras
  • Automatically upload duress alarm video from your body cameras

Tech specs

Live GPS positioning
GPS playback
Video playback
2-way audio communication Coupled with VS cameras, Visiotech DEMS Live Software can be used as a two-way radio or emergency communication device
Live duress alarms Coupled with VS cameras, Visiotech DEMS Live Software can be used as a mobile duress device
Other live alarms
Web client Connect from any device and view live video, live GPS positions of personnel and playback from recorded duress alarms

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