Lanyard Mount

If you are looking for a convenient and secure way to wear your body camera, consider using the Visiotech lanyard. The Visiotech lanyard is a is comfortable, durable, and compatible lanyard designed for use with specific Visiotech body camera models.  

Here are some benefits of using a lanyard for your body camera:

– It keeps your camera close to your chest, which provides a clear and stable view of your surroundings.

– It prevents your camera from falling off or getting lost, especially if you are moving around a lot or in crowded places.

– It allows you to easily access your camera when you need to turn it on or off, adjust the settings, or review the footage.

– It adds a layer of protection to your camera, as it can absorb some of the impacts if you accidentally bump into something or someone.

A lanyard is a simple but effective accessory that can enhance your body camera experience.

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