VC-X2 Body Worn Cameras

Product code: VT-VC-X2

The Visiotech VC-X2 body-worn cameras are a state-of-the-art video recording solution with an outstanding recording time of up to 14 hours together with built-in GPS location recording.

The X2 body cameras come equipped with AES-256 video encryption alongside 1440P (2K) video that has an incredible low-light capability, making it the modern solution for lone workers, law enforcement teams and security agencies to better protect their people and assets.

The VC-X2 Camera can come with optional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth holster trigger, and NFC user login features.

With our Visiotech Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) and the easily accessible drop-in docking station, coupled with exceptional charging capabilities and efficient management of recorded data makes this the product that you can trust to elevate your business, personnel, or industry.


  • Optional Wi-Fi Live Streaming
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Full QHD Video (1440P)
  • H.265 Video
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • GPS Location Mapping
  • Long Battery life up to 16 hours

Tech specs

Encryption: AES-256 Video Encryption
Password Protection: Restricted File Deletion & File Playback
Watermark: User ID, Date/Time Stamp, GPS coordinates embedded into video. Includes 7-digit Device ID and 6-digit User ID
Duress Alert: Initiated from the camera, duress alarm alerts together with real time audio and video can be streamed back to a control centre. The location of the user is dynamically displayed on Visiotech’s integrated GIS mapping software
Camera: Capture crystal clear recording of licence plates, faces and features together with high quality audio on this Full High Definition Day/Night Camera
Recording Resolution: Mainstream: 2560x1440p@30fps; 2304x1296p@30fps; 1920x1080p@30fps;1280x720@30fps & 60fps. Recording content: Video and Audio
Pre-Event Recording: Configurable
Storage Capacity: 64GB (128GB Optional)
Night Vision: Auto/Manual IR LED, White Light and Laser Light
Battery: Larger internal battery included with up to 16 hours continuous recording time
Data Port: USB-C and docking port
Ruggedised Case: The rugged ballistic shell made for law and security agencies is weather resistant and can handle the most extreme conditions. Its rugged clip attaches to any pocket, belt, lapel, collar, placket, and most protective armour
Dimensions: H83mm x W55mm x D29mm
Weight: 155 Grams
Drop-in Dock: Single slot or multi slot option
Screen: 2.0-inch TFT-LCD High Resolution Colour Display
Video Playback: Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Slow Play
Standard Accessories: USB Cable, Drop-in Dock Charger, Clip
Optional Accessory: 8-Port Docking station (model DS8PX2), Mounting Accessories

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