Release of the brand new Name Badge Camera

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Businesses, industries and individuals across Australia deserve the highest level of security available. Whether that’s achieved via a new product or software, it’s crucial that when you need those items available, they are there right away and can be relied on to deliver that extra level of security and protection.

That’s why the Security Exhibition and Conference is such an important component of the security industry – for end users and industry professionals to connect and meet to discuss modern security solutions.

Brand New Name Badge Camera

We are proud to be launching this brand new name badge camera at the Security Exhibition in 2022. The new VC-1 Badge Camera is designed to be an ultra lightweight body worn camera that is specifically created for retail. It has also been designed for anyone working in public facing roles. 

The design is intentionally discrete and is sure to be the perfect solution for interacting with the public and providing an extra level of security measures for your team – no matter the context. We are dedicated to seeing every team member protected to the highest level and our brand new badge cameras are doing just that.

The Security Exhibition and Conference Show

For many years, the Security Exhibition and Conference show has been an event that has seen the full scope of professionals involved in security and end users who enjoy the benefits of that security brought together to one location. 

The professional experts and end users then have the unique opportunity to discuss solutions, to connect and share thoughts and ideas regarding the future of security. The Exhibition & Conference is by far the largest and long running Australian event that enables professionals from all corners of the world to come together and connect. 

Innovative product solutions

This conference sees many security suppliers arrange their product launches so that the time lines up perfectly with the Security Exhibition. 

This allows suppliers the chance to display their brand new products and talk through the new features with end users – ensuring they have all the information necessary to make a decision on whether the product is the right fit for their business or industry needs. 

We make the complex simple.

It starts with a conversation. We’ll uncover your biggest security setbacks and the features you need, then we’ll create a custom security plan to knock your expectations out of the park.

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